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Get your camera at the ready and take in the panoramic views of the active RAF bases of Oxfordshire in our incredible RAF Aerial Tour! 

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your pilot who will brief you on your flight and familiarize you with the aircraft controls. Once briefed and comfortably strapped in, you’re ready to take to the skies and head towards RAF Fairford, Brize Norton or RAF Benson.  Capture the sights of the massive beasts of the B-52’s at Fairford, the C-17’s at Brize (you may even get to see a refuelling tanker fly-by) or the active helicopters at Benson.


RAF Brize Norton is the Royal Air Force’s largest station based in Oxfordshire and home to the Air-to-Air (AAR) forces as well as the RAF’s Strategic and Tactical Air Transport.  The C-17 Globe Master’s, Hercules and Voyagers are based here.

FACT: Boris Johnson’s private jet “The Boris Jet’ is based at Brize keep your eyes open for it! 

RAF airial tour

SKU: Oxford RAF 30 minute
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